Overture is nationally recognized as a leader in the field of home electronics. If you are looking for the best selection of equipment from a team of professionals who you can count on for advice, system design, and life-long support, you have found the right place. In addition to the having the best selection of audio and video equipment available anywhere, we also offer the finest in home automation, lighting control, window treatment, and networking solutions. Many of the products we offer in our two stores are shown here. We have chosen equipment of the highest quality and value so that whatever your budget, we have equipment that will meet your needs.


At Overture, we know what great sound and picture quality are and, most importantly, how to achieve them in your home. We believe that great sound and picture quality are more than just the choice of product. Each component is part of a system. How well all system components integrate with each other determine the overall sound or video quality, and sometimes even simple changes can make noticeable improvements. Our unsurpassed in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to recommend components that will work best in your system or to put the perfect system together for you. We take the guesswork out of choosing components, so you can have years of enjoyment with your system.

If you would like to demo any components or systems that we sell or compare one component to another, we have world-class high-end audio and video demonstration rooms for you to experience why we are nationally renowned for having the best sound and video quality. We would be glad to arrange a demo for you. Please contact us to set up an appointment, so that we can have everything ready for you.

If you have existing equipment, you can trade it in on any new equipment you would like to purchase. We offer the most generous trade-in allowance of any store we know, and we can save you the hassle of trying to sell equipment yourself. Please contact us with any questions you may have, for advice, or to discuss a purchase you would like to make. We have a passion for this business, and are happy to help you in any way we can.

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What's New
vpi avenger front

VPI Avenger

The VPI Avenger table was a project started by Harry Weisfeld over 12 years ago. During the design process, it was dropped due to excessive demand for the HR-X.  This left the original design and proto type chassis on hold. The benefit of abandoning the project at the time was that Harry shifted his focus into starting and completing the VPI Classic Turntable. That moth-balled design has now come to fruition in the Avenger, Avenger Plus, Avenger Reference, and VPI's state-of-the-art Avenger Titan.


What's New

van den Hul Crimson Stradavarius

With the revival in popularity of vinyl, requests came in to van den Hul product of yearto develop a high-end phono cartridge at a more affordable price than the famed COLIBRI.  The result is the CRIMSON - one of the best available values in phono cartridges today.


What's New
specral show

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference Monaural Amplifier

The all-new Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference monaural amplifier ushers in a “new era” in the playback of fine recordings. Spectral Audio’s engineering department—headed by Keith O. Johnson, widely regarded as the preeminent audio and recording engineer in the high-end audio industry—spent years developing the DMA-500 AR.

The DMA-500 AR is the most advanced amplifier ever created. It has been created for the true music connoisseur who is seeking the ultimate level of musical involvement when listening to fine recordings. The new level of musicality and listening experience that the DMA-500 AR offers is not subtle. We heard it immediately and every customer that we’ve demonstrated this incredible amplifier for agrees with us: the DMA-500 AR amplifier provides the music enthusiast with a new listening experience and a never before heard level of musical realism and involvement in the recording. The DMA-500 AR is for use in the finest Spectral systems. The availability of the DMA-500 AR is limited. Its musicality is unlimited!


What's New
Magico M3

Magico M3

The Magico design team never stops “pushing the performance envelope”. The all-new M3 loudspeaker builds on everything Magico has learned from creating the remarkable M Project speaker. The Magico team has taken the M3 to new levels of musical performance. The M3’s clarity, dimensionality, dynamics, resolution and focus are amazing. Bass response is deep, tight and dynamic. The resolution, clarity and tonality of the mid-range is stunning. High frequency reproduction is smooth, extended and detailed. When you hear the all-new Magico M3 we’re confident that you’ll be as excited about it’s musical performance as we are. Please call us for more information or to schedule an audition of then M3!


What's New
subwoofer home

REL Acoustics Subwoofers.

REL’s sole focus has always been to produce the most perfect, pure reproduction of sound possible via subwoofers, with the most technologically advanced materials and exacting design and construction requirements.  That pursuit of perfect sound was the driving force behind REL’s Reference Series of subwoofers that unleash the power, the drama and the excitement that lies within great music and movies.


What's New
tube traps

IsoThermal TubeTraps

The IsoThermal TubeTrap delivers twice the bass absorption of an equivalent sized TubeTrap within the first octave, between 20 Hz and 55 Hz. That’s why the IsoThermal TubeTrap has two chrome dots along the rim instead of the traditional one dot: two dots means twice the power!



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We take trade-ins on most equipment we sell. Receive a trade-in allowance on your old equipment towards the purchase of new equipment.
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"I'll admit, when I first considered using Overture for the A system in my second home, I hesitated for a moment because of their reputation for being high-end." admitted Mary Ann Calvo of Bethany Beach. "But they provided a first-rate product at a very competitive price and did an absolutely wonderful job with superlative service, which continues to this day."

Coastal Style Magazine May-June 2009

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