van den Hul phono preamplifiers are products where everything has been put into the sonic performance – better instrument separation and better mid and high. The Grail is single ended only, with RCA and XLR inputs and outputs. The van den Hul The Grail SB takes it to another level as one of the most innovative and advanced phono preamplifiers available. The most distinctive part of The Grail SB is the RIAA correction circuit that uses coils instead of resistors and capacitors.

As a real dulcet phono preamplifier, the Grail SB was specifically designed with ultimate performance and reliability in mind and delivers fully balanced inputs and outputs and outstanding sound quality with nearly every available modern phonograph cartridge. The Grail SB is in practice only suitable for one cartridge at a time, but at the same time it will deal with this one cartridge in the best way possible. Let Overture introduce you to the ultimate high-end analogue. Once you hear the difference, there is no turning back.

Overture is a proud dealer of van den Hul phono preamplifiers, selling customers the best phono components from van den Hul. Interested in purchasing a new van den Hul component? You can trade-in any phono cartridge towards a van den Hul cartridge by filling out our Trade-In Form.

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