Bring the best in high-end audio into your home with DS Audio’s complete line of phono cartridges, phono stages, and hi-fi accessories. Its mission is to craft the future of analogue music so everyone can experience music that makes their life richer. When it comes to innovati
on, DS audio takes an aggressive approach to product development, knowing that perfection is only possible without fear of failure.

Headquartered in Japan, the company manufactures optical cartridges, stabilizers, vinyl ionizers, and stylus cleaners. At the heart of the company’s commitment to analogue sound are their five optical cartridge models: Grand Master, DS Master 1, DSW3, DS 003, and DSE1.

Voted a Golden Ear award winner in 2021, the Grand Master model is often lauded for its transparency, resolution and broad soundstage. Experience the best in hi-fi sound with 70 mv output voltage, improved S/N ratio, and a diamond cantilever for maximum rigidity. Listeners just getting started on their audiophile journey can opt for the more value-add DS 003 featuring a lot of the Grand Master technology and an aluminum cantilever that results in more vibrant sound.

Overture is one of the leading experts in the country when it comes to high-end audio and home theaters. As a proud DS Audio phono cartridge dealer, we’ll help you find the best audio products for your home audio setup. Interested in purchasing a new DS Audio component? You can trade-in any component towards a DS Audio product by filling out Overture’s Trade-In Form.

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