When it comes to turntables there are few brands more renowned than Rega. Since its founding in 1973, Rega set the standard with its award-winning tonearms and turntables. Even though the British company is best known for its turntables, it has produced full hi-fi systems since the eighties. Find your perfect acoustic match with their amplifiers, phono stages, cartridges, CD players, and loudspeakers.

Essential to the company’s mission is the idea that hi-fi should not be unattainable. Not only do they have a commitment to producing high-performance products, but ensuring they come at sensible prices as well. Engineering is the heart of all the company’s products through their Rega Research branch focused on finding the design and materials needed to achieve the perfect musical performance. As proof of their commitment to quality, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Most notable among Rega’s offerings is their award-winning Planar Series turntables, with eight different models varying in tonality, finishes and value. Never miss a single detail in your recordings with the reference Planar 10 featuring trademark ceramic bracing to provide the ultimate bracing for the tonearm. You see that same commitment to sonic excellence in their CD players with precise handling and accuracy ensured with each model.

As a nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio and home theater, Overture is a proud dealer of Rega phono cartridges, selling customers the best cartridges from Rega in Sales Tax Free Delaware. Interested in purchasing a Rega component, you can trade-in any other brand component toward a Rega component by filling out our Trade-In Form.</

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