Unleash the true power of your home audio with Anthem integrated amplifiers. Dive deep into the detail of your favorite recordings or bring unprecedented power to your next movie viewing with their diverse line of products. Anthem brings two decades of hands-on design and audio engineering into each endeavor for the most precise power, control and performance every time. As a result, Anthem is a trusted brand for audiophiles and professional musicians and engineers.

Though best known for its robust and reliable hardware, Anthem also offers proprietary software with its Anthem Room correction technology that allows for the most precise calibration in the industry. All of their products include this feature and an independent power supply for ultimate sound clarity and stability. Just as vital, their systems are highly functional with simple schematics and easy-to-navigate interfaces.

From preamplifiers primed for the most discerning 2-channel setups to power amplifiers able to drive an immersive surround sound system, Anthem has you covered. For example, the MRX-740 8K is the ideal engine behind any theater. It provides object-oriented audio to up to 15 speakers with 140 watts per channel while supporting 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz passthrough for crystal-clear images.

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