Since 1979, Focal has combined technology, mechanics, noble materials, and design to deliver benchmark acoustic equipment. Focal creates speaker drivers and loudspeakers for various high-fidelity markets, including home audio loudspeakers, portable headphones, car speaker drivers, and monitoring loudspeakers. Focal’s mission is to deliver an exceptional music experience that listeners can take with them anywhere. Whether it be at home with Focal’s state-of-the-art home theater or on the road with Focal car audio kits, listeners can experience musical pleasure in its purest form anywhere, at any time.

Focal delivers a one-of-a-kind listening experience with its commitment to creating exceptional products. Through endless research, design, and tweaking, Focal’s team of talented acoustic experts strive to reproduce the artist’s original work, creating an unrivalled sound with a unique style. Thanks to its investments in research and development, Focal increases its expertise in speaker driver technology and sound reproduction year after year. The results of its continuous enhancements and innovations are demonstrated through Focal Collections and new products.

Overture, a nationally recognized leader in high-end audio, home theater, and home electronics, is a premier Focal dealer. If you are interested in purchasing Focal products and have an electronic component that you would like to trade-in, please fill out Overture’s Trade-In Form.

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