Sony has had a lasting impact on the audio and video industry for over 70 years. Their HD Projectors are some of the highest quality systems to date, capable of crystal clear 4K resolution. Each system has some of the most advanced technological parts to ensure the best possible picture quality at all times. The mission of Sony is to “fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology” by developing world-class products.

Most models released by Sony are unmatched by the competition, providing users with video quality like no other. For example, ES projectors have 4K HD quality with over four times the resolution of Full HD. From top-of-the-line models like the VW5000ES to more affordable models such as the VW295ES, Sony projectors offer customers the ultimate experience in home entertainment. Sony is one of the most distinguished brands today, setting new standards for the capabilities of HD Projectors.

Overture is a proud dealer of Sony Projectors, selling customers the best HD Projectors from Sony. Interested in purchasing a new Sony component? You can trade-in any component towards a Sony product by filling out our Trade-In Form.

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