Over the last seven decades, Marantz has come to represent the best in home entertainment. Any audiophile will recognize the company's black and gold design. Marantz believes that music done right can be transformative. World-renowned acousticians crafted and tested each component to ensure it meets their commitment to pure sound reproduction. These Sound Masters train for years to recognize the ideal warmth and tonality needed in hi-fi systems. Only those models that deliver the signature sound envisioned by founder Saul Marantz make the cut and deserve to have his name emblazoned on the front. This certainly applies to their current line of power amplifiers.

Not only is Marantz known for high-end audio solutions but immersive home theater components as well. Hear every detail in your recordings or movies with their amplifiers, receivers, turntables and CD players. Let yourself be overcome by a deep, encompassing sound while viewing high-definition images. With trademark HDAM circuitry, the components offer unrivaled reliability, as well.

Overture is a proud dealer of Marantz power amplifiers, selling customers the best power amplifiers from Marantz. Interested in purchasing a new Marantz component? You can trade-in any component towards a Marantz product by filling out Overture'sTrade-In Form.

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