Founded in 1978, Clearaudio has designed and patented some of the greatest turntable-based components available to the public. Proudly manufactured in Germany, Clearaudio focuses on creating high-end audio products that consumers around the world can enjoy. From turntables to tonearms, the brand continues to innovate and refine upon past models to stay ahead of the competition. The mission of Clearaudio is to produce most of its precision components in-house to maintain a high-level commitment of quality.

Clearaudio is renowned for its “lifestyle” designs, bringing its own flair to the turntable market. Each turntable is manufactured with some of the best materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. Specifically, Clearaudio’s Ovation is a top-of-the-line turntable with a particularly attractive main chassis layout. Clearaudio’s OSC (Optical Speed Control) technology also continuously monitors a micro infrared strobe to ensure exact speed stability. Clearaudio’s tonearms are also top-notch. A key product of theirs is the Universal. With 9” & 12” options and designs flexible enough to use almost any cartridge, it makes for one of the most well-made and fine-tuned tonearms around.

Overture is a proud dealer of Clearaudio products, selling customers the best turntables and turntable-based products from Clearaudio. Interested in purchasing a new Clearaudio component? You can trade-in any component towards a Clearaudio product by filling out our Trade-In Form.

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