Started by Tomoki Tachiawaka in 1961, Rotel has spent the past 50 years redefining the hi-fi experience. The family-owned business is trusted by audiophiles, musicians and recording engineers alike for their high-quality products. In particular, they developed the Balanced Design Concept by mastering a combination of physics, electronics and mechanical engineering. These concepts combine digital and analog circuits for a new standard in high-end fidelity.

All products are built, tested and evaluated before production begins, with engineers listening intently to ensure Rotel delivers its signature sound each time. As a result, not only is Rotel recognized worldwide for its high-end audio applications, but it has developed strong product lines for home theaters and whole-house audio.

Listen to your favorite recordings and movies like never before with Rotel's line of amplifiers, tuners, CD players, DACs, multi-zone processors, and distribution amplifiers. All provide exceptional performance and value while showcasing innovation to meet new listening demands and preferences. Rotel is also known for working only with the best components, from European capacitors to toroidal power transformers from the United States.

One of their most popular models is the Michi X5. This Integrated Amplifier boasts 600 Watts of power into 4-ohm speakers. All while offering diverse listening options by including inputs for Analog, Bluetooth, XLR, and phono stage sources.

As a nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio and home theater, Overture is a proud dealer of Rotel components, selling customers the best components from Rotel in Sales Tax Free Delaware. Interested in purchasing a Rotel Component? You can trade-in any brand component towards a Rotel component by filling out Overture's Trade-In Form.

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