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MY SONIC LAB announced the “Eminent” cartridge in the fall of 2003 and debuted as an MC Cartridge maker.  The Eminent cartridge was revolutionary and was the world’s first high-efficiency design cartridge. My Sonic Lab Eminent Stereo MC Cartridge and Eminent Solo Mono MC Cartridge quickly became the reference cartridges among Japanese Audiophiles and were rated #1 in Japan by top magazines for their unparalleled performance. Combining state of the art detail, transparency, and dynamics with a natural frequency response, My Sonic Lab Eminent cartridges convey the essence of the music to a greater degree than previously experienced, delivering an extraordinary musical experience. State-of-the art designer and producer of turntables and tonearms, Basis Audio and Overture, provider of the ultimate in high-end audio, are pleased to offer My Sonic Lab Eminent cartridges at Overture. If you have a component you would like to trade in for an Eminent cartridge, please fill out and submit Overture’s Trade-In Form.

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