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Product Description

The graceful exterior of the new Estelon X Diamond Mk II loudspeaker boasts the same sweeping silhouette as its predecessor; however, its soaring cabinet houses a host of technological developments resulting in one of the most sophisticated full-range speakers on the market.

The Estelon X Diamond Mk II loudspeaker system’s engineering advancements include a new ultra-hard diamond tweeter and a new crossover network with improved components for a wider dynamic range and transparency. The X Diamond Mk II incorporates new cabling that contributes to an exhilarating audio experience.

All Estelon products are produced in a similar fashion using the same general design and construction principles. Through advanced and innovative engineering concepts, our loudspeakers form a synergy with the room and its acoustics to re-create an emotionally involving listening experience that exposes the soundstage and musical details of the recording, as it was meant to be heard.

Estelon engineering took many years of research and testing to find the right material that would allow the highest quality of cabinet and construction for the loudspeaker’s acoustically engineered complex shape. We developed a proprietary marble-based composite material and special moulding technology to be able to make cabinets with such advanced surface geometry, inside and out.

The unique shape of the cabinet is highly complicated and differs greatly from a classical box design. The combination of curved cabinet walls and a complex system of interior chambers make the cabinet non-resonant. Such a highly advanced and complex cabinet design and construction allows only pure and uninfluenced sound to emanate from the various high-performance driver elements.

In order to assist the loudspeaker to unveil its purest musicality, advanced internal dampening has been implemented. The dampening was designed through a long testing process to have the best effect and overall balance throughout the musical spectrum. We have chosen different natural and synthetic dampening materials. The dampening materials type, placement and amount have been chosen through calculations, measuring and rigorous listening tests.

Each Estelon X Diamond Mk II loudspeaker has one woofer, one mid-woofer and one tweeter. In order for the speaker to reproduce the full spectrum of sound with the absolute highest quality, a combination of three different driver types has been carefully chosen. These high-quality drivers are designed and produced by German driver manufacturer Thiel & Partner GmbH under the brand name Accuton and are revered globally as the best.

The crossover components have been chosen from among the absolute best available, and the synergy of the end result has been a significant deciding factor. Every component is measured to yield perfect pairs. The crossover filters are in their own isolated chamber to reduce the microphonic effects and vibration influence. The crossover filter slopes between woofer and mid-woofer are third-order, and second-order between mid-woofer and tweeter.




Founded by renowned designer Alfred Vassilkov, Estelon's journey began in Estonia in 2010 with a vision to blend superior sound quality with breathtaking design. Estelon's dedication to crafting speakers that are as visually striking as they are sonically impressive has set a new standard in the world of high-end audio. Each product in their lineup is a reflection of their ethos: to create speakers that not only fill rooms with pure, unadulterated sound but also with a sense of awe and beauty. Estelon's range of speakers embodies their commitment to high-performance audio. From the flagship Extreme model to the sleek yet powerful YB, each speaker is meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive listening experience. Utilizing proprietary technologies and materials, Estelon speakers achieve a perfect harmony of aesthetics and acoustics. The company's relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in every curve and contour, designed not just to sound exceptional but to transform any space into a gallery of high-end sound. The crown jewel of Estelon's lineup, the Extreme speaker, represents the ultimate in luxury audio. Standing tall with an adjustable height mechanism, it is both a feat of engineering and a work of art. The Extreme's design allows for the optimization of sound based on room acoustics, embodying Estelon's commitment to customizable, immersive soundscapes. With its unparalleled clarity, depth, and presence, the Estelon Extreme is more than a speaker. It's an experience, inviting listeners into a world where sound is sculpted with precision and passion.
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