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The HRS DPII (MKII) Damping Plates are the latest plate technology from HRS.

The DPII Damping Plate is comprised of the HRS custom-designed black anodized billet machined aircraft aluminum top joined to a proprietary soft polymer base, to create the ultimate isolation plate.

The HRS Damping Plate lines (DPII & DPX) contain three models, which only differ in length and weight. Unlike the Nimbus which was developed for the underside of components, the Damping Plates are designed to address the other side of the chassis – the top.

The Damping Plate lays polymer side-down on the top of the unit, and using the high-grip of the polymer with the sturdy weight of the aluminum top, it significantly reduces any resonance or noise transmission from the top plate. The three different models allow for custom damping solutions to match the specific size of your equipment.

When the Damping Plates are used in-combination with the Nimbus products, they form a remarkable system for addressing vibration and neutralizing its negative effects on the performance of audio equipment.

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) industry leading performance is derived from decades of engineering experience in audio, defense, and aerospace systems. All products are manufactured in the U.S. by skilled craftsmen using superior techniques, exotic finishes, and proprietary materials. HRS is dedicated to producing the finest audio products in the world.




Harmonic Resolution Systems’ passion for enjoying the full magic of a musical performance was the impetus behind HRS’s development of a wide range of products to support your system and allow it to reach its full potential. HRS’ modular products are designed to provide better isolation from structure-borne energy or signal that can cause microphonic distortion and degrade sonic performance. HRS’s Chief Engineer, Michael Latvis, has over 35 years of engineering and product development experience, with a specialty in vibration analysis and isolation systems for commercial & military aircraft, and missile defense systems, and he holds a number of patents for audio components and isolation systems. When it comes to audio equipment support and effective isolation of the audio signal, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; HRS’s modular, adaptable approach provides an “equipment support tool kit” from which you can pull the pieces that your system’s circumstances demand, and your wallet allows. You don’t need a complete rack to start enjoying the benefits of HRS’s expertise; adding the Nimbus or Vortex couplers and Damping Plates to an RXR rack can immediately lift audio system performance substantially. Overture can customize an HRS audio support system to suit your needs now and into the future. You can trade-in one or more electronic components toward an HRS system by filling out Overture's Trade-In Form. Please contact us for available models, configurations, and pricing.