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Clarus Power Cables are designed specifically for maximum noise reduction, to support a 50/60Hz low 60z60low frequency AC signal and to supply the current demands of audio components without any loss of dynamics. Noise rejection is critical and Clarus Power Cables rely on proprietary winding techniques and triple shielding to limit noise in the building’s grid as well as EMI egress and ingress thus ensuring the lowest noise floor for sensitive source components. Since line and neutral alternate back and forth 60 times per second, vibration isolation is critical, Clarus Power Cables are engineered with a specialized dielectric formula developed specifically to dampen AC vibrational noise.

Current capabilities for power cables are a major concern. Wire gauges must be sufficient so as not to starve this current. When only large conductors are used a cable tends to lose dynamics. To respond quickly to transients and prevent any loss of signal, Clarus Power Cables combines different sizes of large conductors.

For line-level components, such as CD players, DACS, Transports, & preamps, much less current is needed, and additional flexibility is very desirable to aid in installation. For this application, Clarus uses a smaller overall gauge cable but additional shielding is added. These types of components are much more sensitive, and can pick up RF and/or EMI noise easily. The result is an obvious audible improvement created by lowering the noise floor, and allowing you to hear more of the recorded information. Clarus Power cables are packaged and sold in each.



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