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In Bi-wiring, two pairs of speaker cables are run from each channel of an amplifier to a speaker. The cable design is 2conductors to 4-conductors. At the 4-conductor speaker end, one pair will connect to the high-frequency driver and the other to the low frequency driver of the speaker.

The Clarus bi-wire speaker cables are designed in a flat configuration. In typical round speaker cables the plus and minus are twisted together. Twisting causes phase distortion to the audio signal. In flat bi-wire cable designs the plus and minus conductors are in a parallel configuration. This design eliminates phase distortion and improves sound quality and imaging. Clarus speaker cables are made with PCCC, the purest copper, extruded into three distinctly different optimized conductor types for Bass, Midrange and High-Frequencies. Each conductor type is insulated to minimize inter-conductor interference resulting in an audio signal that is open and transparent with improved clarity, detail and tonal balance. The overall large gauge conductors lower the cable’s resistance and provide higher current capability resulting in an increase in low frequency performance. Lowering the inductance and the resistance makes it easier for the amp to drive the signal down the cable. Sonically, the sound is smooth and fluent as well as more dynamic. ClarusBi-Wire cables can be terminated with BFAs, spade lugs or a combination. Clarus Bi-Wire cables are packaged and sold in each.



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