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Product Description

We proudly release the new Phasemation PP-500, which is produced by our all efforts, accurately inheriting the lineage of Phasemation’s flagship cartridge PP-2000 achieving popularity after releasing it at the end of 2015.

While reducing the cost for the Phasemation PP-500, we have ensured the PP-2000’s fundamental performances such as the auditory lateralization, spatial reproducibility, medium-higher tone having high freshness, and lower tone resonance.

The technology of the flagship model PP-2000 is applied for this magnetic circuit structure. Therefore, just like the PP-2000, we have achieved for this product an excellent magnetic field having high efficiency and uniformity. Consequently the output is increased without making the vibration system heavier.

In order to aim for the best balance of optimum sound quality in this class, we improved the PP-500’s vibration system, adopting the base made of duralumin and tuned this vibration system exclusively for PP-500. Consequently, powerful sound quality and realistic sensation can be expressed.

High quality materials used in the PP-2000 and other models are well-acknowledged: cantilever made of pure boron material, magneto coil made of 6N oxygen-free copper wire, pure iron coil bobbin, damper, and so forth.

For the body, the well-acknowledged DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating has been adopted. The unclouded sound quality being well suited for the rigidity and vibration-damping properties have been realized. DLC(Diamond Like Carbon)is a generic name of a carbon film produced with vapor phase synthesis utilizing ion processing and the high rigidity and high electric insulation similar to a diamond.

Power Generation Method Moving Coil Type
Impedance 4 Ohm
Applicable Stylus Force 1.7 to 2.0g
Output Voltage 0.3mV (horizontal direction of 1kHz 50mm/s)
Compliance 8.0 µm/mN (8.0×10(-6) cm/dyne)
Playing Frequency Range 10Hz to 30kHz
Separation 30dB or more (1kHz)
Channel Balance Within 1dB (1kHz)
Tare 11.3g
Stylus Chip Diamond(line contact / curvature 0.03×0.003mm)
Cantilever Pure Boron φ0.26
Magnet Samarium Cobalt Magnet
Magnetic Circuit Composition Material Permendur
Base Machined duralumin (Diamond Like Carbon processing)
Body Machined Duralumin (Diamond Like Carbon processing)

Phasemation PP-500 Moving Coil Cartridge: Punching Above Its Pay Grade

04-01-2023 | By Myles B. Astor | Issue 126

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is the perfect description of the sound of the Phasemation PP-500 low output moving coil cartridge. In short? The Phasemation PP-500 cartridge is an extremely musical sounding, low output moving coil cartridge whose overall performance transcends its readily identifiable sonic signature. Is the sound of the Phasemation PP-500 cartridge a result of the designer’s careful balancing act? Or is it that the cartridge’s strengths play to my biases? It turns out, it’s a little bit of both at play here.

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"Phasemation" is a word created by combining "Phase" and "Information". Fundamental to the reproduction of audio is the reproduction of stage left and stage right in live music in two channel playback. To attain that goal, the phase characteristics between the channels are very important, and that is why we created our unique Phasemation phono cartridges.

The technological root of our company is the development and manufacturing of electronic measurement instruments. Therefore, we are in a position to be able to utilize our most advanced technology for the development and manufacturing of exquisite hi-fi audio equipment where accurate phase characteristics are required.

The sound that we strive to create is the reproduction of live music in front of the listener as if the actual musicians are playing, along with the reproduction of the players' pathos and emotions. We believe that the achievement of such a level of musical reproduction is the goal of stereo components. To realize our goal, important technical elements such as phase characteristics, circuit technology and vibration control technology are required. Using our in-house developed technology, our ideal stereo system can be developed and manufactured.

As a nationally recognized leader in high-end audio and home theater, Overture is a proud dealer of Phasemation cartridges, selling customers the complete line of moving coil cartridges from Phasemation. Interested in purchasing a new Phasemation cartridge? You can trade-in your current cartridge towards a Phasemation cartridge by filling out our Trade-In Form.