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The New Flagship

The new Clearaudio MC cartridges GOLDFINGER STATEMENT represents a world first in analog music reproduction dar. His generator contains not less than twelve, novel magnetic configurations.
‘re usually moving coil cartridge with only a single magnet.
Clearaudio already used when GOLD FINGER V2 a patented arrangement with eight magnets.

Working with the GOLD FINGER STATEMENT clearaudio world’s only manufacturer even with an array of twelve magnets.
The magnet block is fixed exactly with a newly designed gold bars.
The patented Clearaudio MC-structure guarantees the absolute symmetry of all electrical, mechanical and magnetic parameters. The delicate heart-generator eliminates spurious resonances and provides an unadulterated music reproduction.

The GOLDFINGER STATEMENT is theoretically capable of reproducing 100 dB dynamic range and that of today’s cut to the best knowledge and produce records, as it offers itself as clear audio in cooperation with the Emil Berliner Studios and Pallas pressing plant.

The unique magnetic configuration in combination with another 30 percent thinner and thus lighter gold wire as the V2 lead to the following advantages:

  • again significantly better resolution
  • even lower groove sounds
  • even more dynamic playback
  • more details
    In addition, the GOLDFINGER STATEMENT world’s first MC cartridges with integrated EMC shielding.

Prerequisite for these improvements was the development of complex and demanding “clear audio – magnetic circuit 12” and 24 carat – gold coils from a gold wire by 30% thinner than in V2.

The GOLDFINGER STATEMENT is undoubtedly the pinnacle of all the moving coil pickups ever built.
The entire pickup – Body, a total of 17 grams in weight, consists of 585 gold (14 carat), the face is adorned with the famous, now further enlarged, 0.04 LR flawless diamond.
The support platform is formed from twelve individual fingers arranged in a circle (hence the name Goldfinger).

Thus, from the new prime piece of clear audio pickup family a total art-work of unique value.

Clearaudio has significantly improved our fully symmetrical MC design, first patented in 1980.

For the first time in 50 years you will see 100dB dynamic range reproduced from the vinyl record in the above graph. The above measurement, a trackability test at 80 microns, proves the 100dB dynamic range. The peak Level (blue graph) in relation to the record noise (green graph) shows definitely a 100dB dynamic range.

We redesigned the generator in a revolutionary way by positioning and doubling the magnets (to 8 pcs.) so the coils are operating in a much stronger magnetic field. Furthermore we have chosen the strongest magnetic material available: super neodymium. Through these achievements, the efficiency has been raised by 30%, which results in an output of up to 0.9 mV at 5cm/sec. All models now utilize the improved V2 generator.

The new Micro-HD Diamond tip provides a hybrid parabolic geometry with a stylus radii of 0.008mm x 0.040mm. The total mass (0.00016g) is a fifth of the previous diamond stylus.

Cartridge body resonances, while tracking in the groove, are minimized through the twelve finger design of the mounting plate, each finger with a different radius. This is the result of our constant research and development.

The cartridge bodies of our 5 models: Goldfinger, Titanium, da Vinci, Stradivari and Concerto are made out of the following: gold, titanium, ceramic coated aluminum, Ebony and Satinee wood. The generator construction of the new V2 moving coil cartridge generation is absolutely symmetrical: mechanically, magnetically and electrically, our unique design. All Clearaudio moving coils use our proven 24 ct. pure gold coils.

2011 The Absolute Sound Product Of The Year Awards
Over the last decade or so, Clearaudio has been gradually moving away from a cool, crystalline, hyper-analytical presentation ( the very quintessence of what used to be know as “the German sound”) to a warmer, more natural balance. With its latest flagship moving coil, the $15k Goldfinger Statement, the company has brought off the audio equivalent of a “180.” By tripling the number of magnets in its patented “Ring” configuration to twelve and thinning down the 24-gold wire in its coils by 30%, Clearauio has succeeded in producing its richest, most seductively beautiful, most naturally balanced mc ever, without losing a jot of the phenomenal resolution, transient speed, soundstage width and depth, bass definition and dynamic impact that have made Clearaudio’s previous insiders and Godfingers famous. Simply put, the Goldfinger Statement is the best cartridge Clearaudio has yet made-and, in JV’s view, the best moving coil (a lot of ) money can currently buy.-JV (214)

  • Listening to the Goldfinger reminds me of the opening title sequence of the old Outer Limits television show where you are commanded that “…We are controlling transmission. For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the outer limits…” Likewise, the Goldfinger takes control of the listening session and your musical soul. It is dynamic with in-your-face gusto that grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go. If you want your music polite, then get off the bus now because this ride is not for you. But if transparency, resolution, soundstaging, detail, transient response and the ability to reach the core of the musical soul are important to you… well, then you have arrived. At this price level, there are no excuses. When you aim for the top strata of production cartridges, you better deliver and deliver it all, not just incremental improvement over the competition. No qualifications. That doesn’t mean that this cartridge will be the ideal for every vinyl lover on the planet. Rolls Royce, Maybach and Lamborghini are all at the same stratospheric pricing. But for pampering, technology or adrenaline rush, each couldn’t be more different. The question for any exotic product is, does it deliver the goods for its intended audience? For me, the Goldfinger with the lofty retail price delivers the goods. Just one drop of the needle and you know that you are in store for something special.



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