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Teresa D
Teresa D@username
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"But let me tell you, the people here are amazing!"
Steve S.
Steve S.@username
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"Honest and accurate. I've talked to him and auditioned with him at Overture also. He is very fair and extremely knowledgeable."
Melvin P.
Melvin P.@username
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Just bought my first real record player there and I can say, first class service and an amazing place! You won't be disappointed.
Rob S.
Rob S.@TammyJos
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The Pass amp is everything Mr. Mason said it would be and seems to get better every day. Overture has a home run in having Pass and Mr. Mason on their team. Thanks to everyone at Overture for your wonderful service.

Fi Magazine

5-Star “Overture is the kind of store that I would recommend buying from – a place where hard sell is out, good systems are in, and advice is given generously and genially and performance and value count first.”

Echelon Custom Homes

5-Star “Echelon Custom Homes designs and builds luxury homes and for years I have been searching for a company in our area that can meet the home electronics needs of our clients. Overture has met that challenge and surpassed it. The long search for a company of this caliber was well worth the end result.”

Audio Research Corporation

5-Star “Overture simply has it all – two beautiful, world-class stores with great demonstration facilities, the best products and a terrific staff that knows how to make their customers’ dreams come true.”

Bill Taylor

5-Star “I’d like to thank you very much for your advice and help picking out equipment that gives me what’s been missing in my music experience. I won’t ever regret it. After some financial recovery I look forward to doing business with you again.”

Coastal Style Magazine

5-Star “I’ll admit, when I first considered using Overture for the A system in my second home, I hesitated for a moment because of their reputation for being high-end.” admitted Mary Ann Calvo of Bethany Beach. “But they provided a first-rate product at a very competitive price and did an absolutely wonderful job with superlative service, which continues to this day.”

Mike H.

5-Star “Just wanted to send you and the team a big thank you for our new stereo system. It sounds fantastic! It was a long journey – at least 3 multi-hour listening sessions at your shop, two in-house demo’s, and finally a last minute upgrade… The Magico’s, McIntosh’s and the Aurender are all great pieces of equipment in their own right – and together they sound truly wonderful. Your patience and council were critical to getting this done.”

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. ~ Benjamin Franklin

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