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The vdH Master Signature is the culmination of A.J. van den Hul’s 44 years of phono cartridge research and development. Due to a new magnetic structure, this is the highest output Colibri he has ever built. The motor mass is the same with the same amount of turns in the coils. This provides more output, more dynamics, better staging and 40db separation between channels.  The cantilever is 4 mm a bit longer than the other Colibri models again for better dynamics and bass response. The higher output means the music comes out of an inky black background.

Tracking Force between 1.35 – 1.50 grams

Anti-skating Force between 0.0 – .6 grams

Effective Arm Mass of 1.0 – 1.6 grams

Load Impedence: 50 ohms to 47K ohms

Optimal Loading: 50 ohms to 600 ohms

Output Level 1.1mV



van den Hul

Precision handmade masterpieces. All van den Hul cartridges are personally hand built and tuned by Dutch master cartridge designer A.J. van den Hul. They are packed in attractive boxes and accompanied by all the cartridges specifications and Mr. van den Hul’s personal signature.
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