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Product Description

The Sonus faber Palladio PC 662 P In-Wall Speaker is part of this line of Custom installation speakers in-wall and in-ceiling directly refer to the Olympica Nova Collection for the choice of materials, the electroacoustic project and design.

These models represent a unique choice in the Custom Installation landscape: the first speakers that even furnishes your home.


Developed as a solution to the lack of high-quality craftsmanship and warmth of sound in modern architectural speakers, the new Palladio collection works to expand the spaces of the listening experience, beyond the boundaries of traditional listening rooms. Palladio custom installation speakers guarantees a total sound immersion with versatile models, also aesthetically pleasing in design.


It’s timbre of our loudspeakers systems, especially in the mid-high frequencies section: a warm and fascinating sound obtained by means of design solution that identify the DNA of the brand. As for our line of passive loudspeakers, the 29 mm silk dome tweeters are characterized by DAD (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and mid-ranges and mid-woofers are equipped with custom diaphragms made in natural fiber and cellulose pulp, a special Sonus faber receipt.


With Level 6 of the Palladio collection, we reach for higher structural standards, particularly regarding the choice of materials. Beside the Voice of Sonus faber shape covered in leather, the unmistakable Sonus faber style is further achieved with the integration of a Premium Kit as an additional fitting for the PL-664 and PW-662. It consists in a package made of three key accessories: a natural wood front panel enriched with hand-made maple inlays, available in walnut or wengè finishes; a paintable magnetic frame to cover the aluminum edges and make the speaker completely integrated in environment; the classic elastic string grille, the iconic design element of higher Sonus faber ranges.


Three models (PC-664P, PL-664, PW-662) are provided with a wooden sealed box, designed to be used when a sound insulation is needed. The box is the ideal solution to avoid sound pollution through to other floors and simultaneously allows precise control of speaker loads. The LCR model PL-664 is designed to be installed both horizontally and vertically according to different needs by simply arranging the midrange-tweeter assembly. Two versions of the wooden panel are available to allow both arrangements.


The Sonus faber Palladio PC 662 P In-Wall Speakers are equipped with a magnetic, edgeless metal grille, designed to make each model as discreet as possible. All models grilles are ready to be painted and all in-ceilings models can be equipped with a square magnetic grille, to further increase the freedom of listener’s choice. Thanks to the swing out dogs fixing system, all Palladio speakers can be secured quickly and effectively to plasterboard. All Palladio In-Ceiling speakers (except for PC-664P and PC-563P) can be completed with their pre-mount kit, an optional accessory for new constructions installations.


2 way point in-ceiling system.
Infinite baffle


Tweeter DAD™ driver: 29 mm / 1,1’’
Midwoofer: 165 mm / 6,5’’
Woofer: –


40 – 200 W
Undistorted signal


Frame outer: Ø 265 mm / 10.4‘’
Cut out: Ø 244 mm / 9.6‘‘
Depth behind surface: 172 mm / 6.8’’
Protrusion: 10 mm / 0.40’’


Sonus Faber

Sonus faber is one of the highest quality audio brands on the market. Sonus faber is a Latin phrase that translates to “handcrafted sound,” which is an accurate title for the company. Since their founding in 1983, the Italian-based brand has grown into one of the most popular loudspeaker organizations, delivering intricate, handmade products worldwide. The mission of Sonus faber is to provide handmade speakers with distinguished quality that offer an unforgettable natural listening experience.

Sonus faber has been consistently winning awards for their speaker quality year after year. Specifically, in 2019 the Aida won the Audio Excellence Award and Stereophile's Product of the Year in 2018. In addition to these awards, they have also routinely won accolades for design quality and sound dynamics. For decades they have produced some of the most dominant sound systems in the world. Coupled with their intricate driver and cabinet design as well as their advanced crossover theory, Sonus faber has released some of the best speaker models to date, including the best-selling Soneto III.

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