Call for Pricing on Different Lengths.


Clear Beyond is simply that, it is beyond the demands of any loud speaker or amplifier combination imaginable. No impedance dip or current flow demand is a challenge in any way. Clear Beyond is simply overkill for all but the most extreme systems.

Technical Specifications:

.934″ O.D., PFA & Air dielectric. Perfect Mirror Quadaxial, Pure Copper Litz conductors.

Termination Options:

Clear Beyond uses pure billet copper, rhodium plated connectors, forged onto the cable with a two-stage process. 1/4″ (6mm) and 9mm spades, bananas and Maggy pins are available.

Clear Beyond is available in single-wire or bi-wire configuration.



Cardas Audio

Since 1987, Cardas Audio has manufactured premium audio cables and component parts to deliver a smoother, livelier, more refined, and detailed listening experience. Legendary George Cardas founded the company to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative Golden ratio resonance control techniques and uniquely insightful solutions to transmission line problems. As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to carry Cardas Audio high-performance cables and connectors.