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Please note that the Atlas amplifier is now available in the Magnum version only.

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Updated 100-Watt Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier

Now more than ever with the latest III version, the Atlas Magnum vacuum tube stereo power amplifier from Rogue Audio was designed to punch far above its weight class, and in that spirit it is truly a world champion.

Handily outperforming amplifiers costing many times its price, the Rogue Atlas Magnum III sets a new standard in affordable tube amplification. With a new Ultralinear / Triode switch, the Magnum III allows the listener to choose between the punch of ultralinear mode and the tube smoothness of pure triode. Newly optimized circuitry and upgraded components also complement the new Atlas.

If you’ve been wanting to make the leap to a vacuum tube amp for quite some time but have never found just the right one to convince you to take the plunge, the unstinting quality and performance of the brand new Atlas Magnum III is what you’ve been looking for… and waiting to hear.

“One of the Best Values I Have Come Across as a Reviewer”

“Atlas Magnum offers the audio world exactly what we need exactly when we need it,” reports Erick Lichte in Stereophile magazine, which honored the Atlas Magnum with “Recommended Component” status. “In an audio industry obsessed with creating the next kilobuck component, the Atlas Magnum is a beautifully built, great-sounding amp.”

“The Rogue Atlas Magnum, an upgraded, turbo version of the Atlas power amplifier, was one of the best values I have come across as a reviewer,” reports Andre Marc at avrev.com. “I used it with several speakers, preamplifiers, and cables, and its versatility is impressive. The most striking thing, as mentioned above, was the huge soundstage, along with superb bass weight and articulation, and control. It is not finicky with set up and worked without a hitch.”‘

Effortlessly Conveys Every Nuance

With circuitry borrowed from Rogue Audio’s most advanced amplifier designs, the Atlas Magnum III effortlessly conveys the detail and nuance of even the most complex musical passages.

With 100 watts-per-channel of pure tube power on tap and an amazing 20 Hz to 30 kHz bandwidth, the Atlas Magnum II is capable of realistic volume levels that will rival the clarity and presence of the original performance.

And when it comes to conveying the soul and spirit of a piece of music, nothing rivals the experience of listening to a meticulously engineered vacuum tube amp, and the Atlas Magnum III is without peer at its price point and beyond.

From a technical standpoint, the Atlas Magnum III represents the cutting edge of tube amplifier design. An oversized linear power supply stores tremendous energy for the dynamic headroom great performances demand. The tube circuitry is first rate with short signal paths and low noise design. Finally, precision components are used to provide the transparency and air that are so critical to accurate musical reproduction.

Bringing Musical Performances to Life

For supplying the power needed to bring musical performances to life, the Atlas Magnum boasts a massive high storage linear power supply with 4 ohm and 8 ohm transformer taps. The tube complement is formidable indeed, consisting of 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7, and 4 x KT120 output tubes. Slow start turn on sequencing safeguards your equipment and is kind to your ears as well.

Only precision components are used throughout the construction, including polypropylene bypass capacitors and Dale-Vishay resistors in critical locations. All components are hand-wired to a heavy, two-ounce copper circuit board. Connections to your speakers and electronics use gold plated RCA inputs and gold plated binding posts.

Easy Bias Adjustment

Some people shy away from tube amps because it can be complicated and inconvenient testing and adjusting the bias, which typically requires using a hand-held meter. But this is far from the case with the Altas Magnum III, which makes it easy to adjust the bias of the four output tubes. In the center of the top plate of the amp is a built-in, easy-to-read meter with a switch under an access panel that lets you choose the tube you want to check out and/or adjust.

Designed and Hand Built in the USA

The Atlas Magnum III is entirely designed and hand built in the USA. Each unit is individually fully tested, burned-in, and auditioned, assuring you of great sound right out of the box. It comes with a three-year manufacturer’s limited warranty from Rogue Audio (six months on the tubes).

The machined aluminum faceplate is available in either black or silver to compliment the rest of your components and includes an audiophile quality detachable IEC-type AC power cable.



Rogue Audio

For audiophiles looking for the next level of performance, Rogue Audio is ideal. Rogue’s tube circuit topology is top of the line, and their circuit layout has been engineered with the finest care; Rogue amplifiers also reproduce recordings with the ultimate in fidelity. These amplifiers also go beyond recreating great sound. Every piece of a Rogue amplifier is created with performance in mind. The chassis is crafted to resist scratching or corrosion. The aluminum faceplates are machined and anodized to maintain the highest quality appearance. The knobs are also crafted from heavy aluminum, while the connectors in the back are gold. These details create both performance and aesthetic excellence. They are also engineered to perform well past the intended use. The amplifier offers the same high fidelity experience, no matter how hard you push. While many amplifiers of this quality are astronomical in price, Rogue amplifiers are affordable and come with generous warranties. Overture is proud to be an authorized dealer for Rogue amplifiers. If you’re ready to audition a Rogue amplifier for a place in your sound system, stop by the Overture showroom to experience this brand for yourself. If you are interested in purchasing Rogue Audio products and have an electronic component that you would like to trade-in, please fill out Overture’s Trade-In Form.
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Additional information

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