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Just when you think “It doesn’t get any better”…

With the revival in popularity of vinyl, requests came in to van den Hul to develop a high-end phono cartridge at a more affordable price than the famed COLIBRI. The result is the CRIMSON – one of the best available values in phono cartridges today. It is completely hand build by A.J. van den Hul himself and comes with a 200 hour service check-up, free of charge for the original owner.

The CRIMSON is a top performance, custom built, moving coil phono cartridge. A crossbreed of van den Hul’s CANARY and CONDOR. The cartridge is available in natural light and dark woods as well as in a red colored (also wooden) version. A Polycarbonate body is available at special request.

Specific characteristics of this great cartridge are a relatively high (0.9 mv) output, gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel seperation, and superb tracking abillity.

“…demonstrated a level of coherence and tangibility beyond any cartridge that I have heard in my listening room. Not much more to say than that. Highly recommended!” – READ FULL REVIEW.

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Tracking Force between 1.35 – 1.50 grams
Anti-skating Force between 0.4 – .6 grams
Effective Arm Mass of 1.0 – 1.6 grams
Load Impedence: 20 ohms to 47K ohms
Optimal Loading: 20 ohms to 250 ohms
Output Level .9mV



van den Hul

Precision handmade masterpieces. All van den Hul cartridges are personally hand built and tuned by Dutch master cartridge designer A.J. van den Hul. They are packed in attractive boxes and accompanied by all the cartridges specifications and Mr. van den Hul’s personal signature.
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Additional information

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