Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lifters

Made by IntegrityHiFi in Canada, Tru-Lift automatic tonearm lifters complete your analog system by ensuring that your tonearm is lifted with perfect precision and timing for smooth effortless operation. Expressly designed for VPI turntables, Tru-Lift tonearm lifters prevent cartridge damage, preserve needle lifespan, and provide convenience of listening to an LP without having to worry about the needle continuing to run at the end of the record. Tru-Lift products come in varying adjustable heights with lifting capacity of 17+ grams. Available in solid stainless steel or solid brass, Tru-Lift also complements the aesthetics of your turntable.

How to chose and setup your Tru-Lift:

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  • Tru-Lift Prime
  • Tru-Lift Prime
    Tru-Lift Prime