For almost 20 years, Kaleidescape has sold some of the finest home movie players available. Their systems are perfectly suitable for homes and yachts, offering stunning 4k Ultra HD graphics at 60 frames per second. Each system is capable of being integrated with modern AV controls to enable many cinematic features. This includes automatic dimming, screen masking, and more. The mission of Kaleidescape is to provide the finest cinematic experience to movie lovers so they can enjoy their favorite films in the best quality available anywhere.

Over the years Kaleidescape has perfected its home movie players for a truly pleasurable viewing experience. Specifically, products like the Strato offer top-shelf quality to consumers looking for the best in home entertainment. With an internal hard drive built in, these machines have the capability of storing approximately 300 high definition movies. Strato movie players also support lossless multichannel audio and are capable of playing HDR content on both televisions and projectors. Overall, Kaleidescape has designed highly distinguished movie players that offer some of the highest quality available thus far.

Overture is a proud dealer of Kaleidescape products, selling customers the best movie players from Kaleidescape. Interested in purchasing a new Kaleidescape component? You can trade-in any component towards a Kaleidescape product by filling out our Trade-In Form.

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