Mono Power Amplifier by John Curl

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Parasound’s “Magnificent” New Ultra-High Performance Monoblock Amp

The JC 1+ is Parasound’s new ultra-high performance mono power amplifier. Creating an amplifier capable of eliciting the very best performance from the finest loudspeakers and outperforming even the highest-priced competition, makes the JC 1+ Parasound’s most ambitious product undertaking to date. The Parasound design team once again enlisted legendary audio designer, John Curl, the “JC” behind the company’s critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning JC 1, JC 2BP, JC 3+, JC 3 Jr., and other no-compromise Halo components.

The JC 1+ is the culmination of five years of design, engineering, and rigorous testing. Significant innovations and advancements in the Halo JC 1+ make it superior to the JC 1 in every respect, and that’s no small accomplishment, considering the fact that the JC 1 is among the most highly acclaimed and popular amplifiers in audio history. With a power delivery of 450 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 850 watts RMS into 4 ohms, and 1,300 watts RMS into 2 ohms, supported by a peak current capability of 180 amperes, the JC 1+ elicits magnificent performance from the finest speakers. The first 25+ watts in pure class A will truly make your speakers sing. In fact, you don’t know how good your speakers can sound…yet.

“Go Give These New Over-Achievers a Listen”

“I’ve not heard any other monoblock entrant at or even close to this price that is able to recreate so many aspects of music with a more authentic voice. These amps are magnificent performers in nearly every regard,” raves Greg Weaver in his review for Positive Feedback online magazine. “Honestly, I cannot think of a pair of monoblocks that offer a view anywhere near this close to the top of the heap for anywhere near their asking price.”

Greg Weaver concludes, “I can tell you that if I were shopping for a pair of monoblocks under $25,000, the Parasound Halo JC 1+ would be my first choice. Go give these new over-achievers a listen and be prepared to be bowled over by what you will hear. Most enthusiastically recommended.”

Even More Impressive Than Its Predecessor

The massively imposing original Parasound JC 1 is a behemoth of a no-nonsense, high-performance amplifier. The JC 1+ is even more impressive. Comparing the JC 1+ and the JC 1 by the numbers, the JC 1+ is 30% heavier, while its 2.1kVA main power transformer is 20% greater in weight, size, and electrical capacity. The main power supply filter capacity is 50% greater to support the most demanding music. And with 33% more Sanken 250V/15A/60Mz output transistors and 33% higher peak current, the JC 1+ reproduces music with unmatched authority.

In comparison to the JC 1, one attribute of the JC 1+ that you will notice immediately is its sonic refinement. While this isn’t a quality that you can visualize with test equipment, your ears, mind, and emotions will recognize and appreciate it right away.

Unique Technology Delivers Enormous Competitive Advantages

Unique technology “firsts” endow the JC 1+ with enormous competitive advantages such as Bybee Music Rails™ in the input stage. Because even miniscule amounts of input stage noise will degrade sound quality, Curl specified the addition of Music Rails. These are sophisticated active B+ and B- high frequency filters that “scrub away” every last vestige of power supply noise. As a result, music reproduction is amazingly life-like and totally authentic to the source material.

The JC 1+’s input stage ± 112V power supply rails are totally independent from the main power supply. This banishes input stage distortion that occurs when the rail voltages sag. JC 1+ input stage voltage remains constant, no matter how hard its output stage is working. This averts a deficiency inherent in nearly every other amplifier. Additionally, the custom-built R-core transformer powering the input stage reduces pollution caused by noise carried on the AC power line.

No-Compromise Approach from Input to Output

No-compromise components have been used throughout the construction of the JC 1+. The JC 1+ is the first audio product to employ FR408, a superior circuit board material for optimum propagation of high frequencies for the most natural musical reproduction. Until now, FR408 was used primarily in super computers and aerospace electronics.

Furthering the outstanding sonic purity, the input-driver circuit board is well shielded from internal currents. Premium REL capacitors (now manufactured by Wilson Audio) use a proprietary design which “immunizes” them from micro vibrations that degrade the sound quality of other caps. The JC 1+ relies on 24k gold-on-gold internal connectors for the audio interconnects between the input/driver stage and output stage. This avoids oxidation, so that the audio signals remain pristine year after year.

Advanced Technology and Features

A new wider open loop gain cascode driver stage in the JC 1+ achieves greater linearity. A “fast start” bias circuit enables the JC 1+ to sound its best within minutes after turn-on, while a bias level selector switch enables the JC 1+ to run cooler with virtually no compromise in performance. A two-position gain switch selects 23dB or 29dB gain to optimize performance with high gain preamps and high sensitivity speakers. Staggered turn-on delays enable you to automatically power up multiple JC 1+s one at a time to prevent your lights from dimming!

Premium Neutrik 24k gold-plated balanced locking XLR and Vampire unbalanced RCA output connectors facilitate bi-wiring. Parasound-designed propeller speaker terminals accept spade lugs up to 16mm wide, banana plugs, and 5-AWG bare speaker wire.

Five years in development, the new JC 1+ monoblock amplifier is the ultimate achievement of Parasound and legendary designer John Curl. Parasound’s President and Founder Richard Schram shares the story of the origin of the JC 1+ in this fascinating and insightful essay.

Parasound JC 1+ Story (PDF Format)



As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to offer Parasound’s line of high-performance music components including the new Halo JC 1+ that is the ultimate achievement of Parasound legendary designer John Curl. In the complicated landscape of audio, many companies put stratospheric price tags on great performance. Parasound’s mission couldn’t be more different. Simply put, they offer the most performance for the money by finding the sweetest spot between price and diminishing returns. Everything they do at Parasound is customer-centric because that’s how they define value. When they develop a new product they take the carpenter’s adage “measure twice, cut once” to the extreme. Each new model is tested, improved and re-tested under worst-case conditions. It comes to market only when it is a finished product that’s ready to stand the test of time. In fact, they don’t really know how long their amplifiers last because people write to thank them because the Parasound amp they purchased in the mid-’80s still works perfectly 30 years later. When you choose Parasound you’re getting uncompromised quality for every model. They all use the best parts and each must pass their strictest quality assurance. They wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are interested in purchasing any Parasound products, such as the new Parasound Halo JC1+, A20+, A23+, P6, HINT6, JC5, or JC3+, you can trade-in another electronic component on it by filling out our Trade-In Form.
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