High/Low Output with Hard Aluminium Cantilever

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An MC Phono Cartridge Hand-Made to Deliver the Resolution, Tonality, Clarity, and Frequency Response for Which Vinyl LPs Are Cherished: Dynavector 17DX Karat Features Solid Diamond Cantilever

A silky smooth and phenomenally articulate cartridge with startling clarity, harsh-free highs, amazingly extended highs, and tonal accuracy that will likely give you chills, the Dynavector 17DX Karat MC phono cartridge extends the legacy of a series of cartridges that has attained legendary status in the analog community. Drawing on Dynavector’s dispersion theory, 17DX Karat touts an incredible, ruler-flat 20Hz-20kHz frequency response and surgical tracking ability. Karat 17DX also improves on its award-winning predecessors with a body machined from solid brass, samarium-cobalt magnets for ultra-low magnetic resistance, enhanced coil-winding techniques, and a miraculously small 1.7mm-long diamond cantilever with Micro Ridge stylus.

Dynavector cartridges are known for their resolution and tonality, and the 17DX Karat is no exception. Unflappable on practically any type of music, the 17D3 maintains it’s composure on even the most complex and demanding of recordings. The secret is in the design. 17DX’s body damps resonance, the ultra-short cantilever reduces resonance, and even the solid diamond cantilever accounts for smooth treble reproduction, with silky-sweet high frequencies devoid of sharpness or metallic ringing. Diamond’s tensile strength also means the cantilever can be made very short, lending attention-getting immediacy to everything you hear.

If you’ve been looking for an MC phono cartridge that can do wonders, you’ve found it with 17DX Karat. Your ears will tell you everything else you need to know.




Dynavector Systems Ltd. of Japan is a highly regarded manufacturer of high performance moving coil cartridges based on advanced theory and unique production technology. It is a true research, development and manufacturing company that for more than three decades has been devoted to the art and science of analog music reproduction.
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