Starting at$27,700.00

The S – Series delivers stunning, true-to-life sound from a surprisingly compact size.

(2.2 System)

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S – Series

The S – Series delivers stunning, true-to-life sound from a surprisingly compact size – making it an exceptional solution for compact residences, prestigious hospitality and private yacht areas where space is a premium but exceptional experiences are not to be compromised.

Faithfully upholding tenets of distinguished and refined craftsmanship, the S – Series combines stunning aesthetics and performance into one package.

A key feature of the S-15 speaker is the innovative patent-pending AER (Ambience Enhancing Radiation) dipole tweeter design. The result is a dispersion of the highest frequencies which produces a spacious dipole effect from a speaker that can be placed up against or parallel to a back wall. The S – Series also features Fully Digital Amplification, Boundary Woofers, and RoomPerfect™ room adaptation technology.

Soul-stirring acoustic performance is channelled from compact speakers, which can be installed in stereo and surround sound configurations with a variety of in-room and on-wall placement options. Because of the full system approach all S – Series speakers can be combined with any other Steinway Lyngdorf speaker.

S – Series stereo systems starting at US$ 22.100 MSRP, surround sound systems starting at US$ 47.600 MSRP.



Steinway Lyngdorf

Peter Lyngdorf, the acclaimed innovator of high performance audio systems, collaborated with Steinway & Sons, creators of the world’s finest pianos, to create a line of music and home theater sound systems that deliver extraordinary life-like sound in virtually any environment. Every Steinway Lyngdorf Music System and Surround Sound System bears the stamp of proprietary innovation, resulting in sound reproduction that is, in a word, perfection. As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to feature Steinway Lyndorf’s superlative-performance Audio Systems. Our highest quality home theaters consist of Steinway Lyngdorf speakers and amplifiers.  A variety of configurations are available using the various speaker models.  Please contact us to learn more about designing a Steinway Lyngdorf theater for your home. If you are interested in trading up to a Steinway Lyngdorf audio system, and would like to apply a trade-in toward a remarkable Steinway Lyngdorf system, please call Overture or filling out this Trade-In Form.