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With the RP-9 preamplifier, our award winning RP-X hardware and software platform has been taken to a new level. From the outset, our overarching design goals were directed at maintaining near perfect signal integrity along with an ultra-wide bandwidth, low distortion and vanishingly low noise floor. The flagship RP-9’s innovative and proprietary circuitry is designed around the Russian military’s 6H30P tubes in a balanced configuration that stretches the bounds of modern preamplifier technology. The results translate into amazing detail, smoothness and refinement which has effectively redefined the level of performance that can be expected from a reference caliber preamplifier.

While sacrificing nothing to sonic integrity, the RP-9 affords all one can expect from a feature rich preamplifier. Included in the design are a home theater bypass, processor loop, mono button, and an elegant easy to read OLED display. A machined aluminum 10 button remote provides further convenience. Also included is a highly capable 2 watt tube based headphone amplifier. Two pairs of XLR balanced inputs and three pairs of RCA line level inputs provide for a variety of sources while two pairs of balanced outputs and two sets of RCA variable outs allow for a wide range of output connectivity.

Our driving design goal for the RP-9 was to set an entirely new benchmark in vacuum tube preamplifier technology – we believe we have succeeded.

General Features:
– Four 6H30P tube mu-follower design
– Ten function remote control
– OLED display (defeatable)
– Home Theater bypass/Unity gain inputs
– Three pairs of RCA line leve inputs
– Two pairs of fully balanced XLR inputs
– One pair of fixed outputs

Two pairs of RCA variable outputs
– Two pairs of fully balanced XLR outputs
– Processor loop
– Mono button
– Heavy duty gold plated RCA inputs
– Tube based high power headphone amp
– Massive power supply
– Slow start turn on sequencing
– Auto mute at turn on/turn off
– Detachable IEC power cord
– Fully tested, burned in and auditioned
– 3 year limited warranty (6 months on tubes)
– Proudly hand crafted in the USA!

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– Tube complement: 4 x 6H30P tubes
– Frequency response: 1Hz – 170KHz +/- 1 dB
– THD: <0.1%
– Gain line stage: 14 dB (20dB XLR)
– Rated output: 1V
– Maximum output: 30V
– Output impedance: <10 Ohms
– Dimensions: 18.5 ”W X 4.5 ”H X 17” D
– Weight 30 pounds
– Shipping weight 40 pounds
– Power requirements 115/230V – 50/50Hz



Rogue Audio

For audiophiles looking for the next level of performance, Rogue Audio is ideal. Rogue’s tube circuit topology is top of the line, and their circuit layout has been engineered with the finest care; Rogue amplifiers also reproduce recordings with the ultimate in fidelity.These amplifiers also go beyond recreating great sound. Every piece of a Rogue amplifier is created with performance in mind. The chassis is crafted to resist scratching or corrosion. The aluminum faceplates are machined and anodized to maintain the highest quality appearance. The knobs are also crafted from heavy aluminum, while the connectors in the back are gold. These details create both performance and aesthetic excellence. They are also engineered to perform well past the intended use. The amplifier offers the same high fidelity experience, no matter how hard you push. While many amplifiers of this quality are astronomical in price, Rogue amplifiers are affordable and come with generous warranties.Overture is proud to be an authorized dealer for Rogue amplifiers. If you’re ready to audition a Rogue amplifier for a place in your sound system, stop by the Overture showroom to experience this brand for yourself. If you are interested in purchasing Rogue Audio products and have an electronic component that you would like to trade-in, please fill out Overture’s Trade-In Form.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight45 lbs
Dimensions15 × 17 × 12 in