Digital To Analogue Converter

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“The Series 3 extends the Alpha DAC Reference’s status as the ne plus ultra in digital decoding, and will remain at the front end of my reference system….The Series 3’s deeper bass, wider dynamic expression, superior bottom-end articulation and textural resolution, and enhanced top-end openness are clearly major advances….With less accomplished DACs, it sounds as if a whole layer of very low-level information has gone missing.”

—Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, October 2019

Breakthrough DAC Technology Redefines Digital Audio Quality

• Unequaled PCM audio quality from 32kHz to 192kHz

• Unequaled MQA Rendering audio quality to 384kHz and above

• Ultra low phase noise conversion clocking

• Ultra low distortion variable output attenuator

• Outputs can connect directly to power amplifiers

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Comments by experienced third party industry listeners after hearing the Reference Series 3

“It’s like a transparent window on the microphone feed because the DAC is so transparent.

The resolution of the ambient halo of air around instrumental outlines is astonishing.

Even Red Book has bloom and dimensionality.”

“I sat down to evaluate the DAC. Two hours later I realized I had forgotten the task at hand and

was completely lost in the music, captivated by the artistry of the performances.

I can give no higher compliment.”



Berkeley Audio Design

Berkeley Audio Design has brought first-rate digital-to-analog conversion to both pros and audiophiles by with the new Alpha DAC converter. Berkeley Audio Design also created High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD), as well as the Pacific Microsonics Model Two, widely considered among both pros and knowledgeable consumers as the finest analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters found in the world’s best mastering rooms. Overture, nationally recognized as the leader in the field of high end audio, home theater and home electronics, is America’s premier analog dealer. We are proud to offer Berkeley Audio Design components. If you are interested in purchasing a Berkeley Audio Design product, you can trade-in any electronic component toward a Berkeley Audio Design component by filling out Overture's Trade-In Form.