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Fully Automatic Audio Desk 2020 Vinyl Cleaner PRO X Record-Cleaning Machine Cleans LPs with Ultrasonic Vibrations:  Features High-Performance Black Wipers and Quiet Operation

Audio Desk did it again. The world’s highest-performing record cleaning machine just got better in the form of the German-made Audio Desk 2020 Vinyl Cleaner PRO X. New high-performance black wipers, quick release of LPs at the end of the drying cycle, quieter operation via improved drying fans, and an upgraded ceramic pump and premium motor make this cleaning machine an analog champion. And it still features the same super-quiet drying operation, smooth rotating assembly, cutting-edge electronic control system (including a dry-only option), and ability to accept the optional Audio Desk 7″ adapter kit for hassle-free cleaning of 7″ records that led Stereophile to give it a Product of the Year Award.

Such critical refinements, as well as several key upgrades to internal component parts, translate to even greater performance, superior features, and increased reliability. And just like its predecessor, 2020 Vinyl Cleaner PRO X remains fully automatic and cleans your vinyl LPs using ultrasonic vibrations. It even comes with different color options (choose from our drop-down menu). Feel free to read much more below about how it all works, what it does, and why it beats every other system around. Just know there’s simply no easier-to-use, or do-it-all record cleaning machine on the planet. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

“I’ve never had so much fun cleaning LPs. I bought the review sample.”
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Product of the Year Award

“This completely automated record cleaner is simple the state of the art.”
– Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

Five-Minute Cleaning Process Is Simple, Quiet, Thorough
The fully automatic Vinyl Cleaner PRO X cleans your records using ultrasonic vibrations. All you need to do is place a record perpendicularly into Vinyl Cleaner PRO X and press the red activation button. Then, walk away if you want. When the green LED shines, the clean LP can be removed. How’s that for simple? During the five-minute cleaning process, specially designed rotary cleaning pads made from a microfiber material move in opposite directions while a specialized ultrasonic system removes even the finest contaminants from the grooves. The cleaning solution is thoroughly filtered inside the machine to avoid re-contamination of the LP. Finally, two high-performance fans guarantee your LP ends the cycle perfectly dry and ready to play. Such cleaning is not only quieter and much easier, it is also highly effective and extremely gentle on the LP’s surface. Your vinyl will sparkle as never before and most importantly, you will hear your LP collection sound better than ever. No matter what other cleaning process you have tried, you need to hear what Vinyl Cleaner PRO X does for your music.

The Grooves of Your Vinyl Will Be Cleaner Than When Brand-New
For decades, brushes and pressure used to be the only way you could clean LPs. In order to loosen dirt, residue, and other contaminants from the vinyl’s surface, the standard approach employed scrubbing brushes that led to results as varied and diverse as the specific brush employed. From the shape of the brush, to the pressure and angle applied, to the speed of the turning, numerous criteria formed the basis of efficient record cleaning. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario often occurs. Instead of being removed, dirt gets forced even deeper into the grooves, spread across the entire LP surface, or worst of all, damages the surface. Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO X doesn’t rely on brushes to remove dust and other contaminants. Counter-rotating microfiber wet cleaning barrels, and the ultrasonic process, gently yet thoroughly remove dirt. Finally, even the finest particles living deep within the grooves of LPs are cleaned. In addition, cleaning fluid is recirculated and filtered during the cleaning process. Dirt gets removed, or “shaken,” from the LP surface and cannot find its way back onto the surface, leaving your vinyl cleaner than when brand-new.

Imagine: Record Cleaning That Is Entirely Free of Static
With traditional cleaning machines, surface suction relies on the vacuum-seal that is created. Two drawbacks to this approach include the diminishing power of the vacuum due aging, and the static charging of the disc caused by the effects of rubbing. Plus, surface suction is generally characterized by the limited efficiency of dirt removal and loud vacuum cleaner-like noise. But Vinyl Cleaner PRO X rewrites the rules. Both sides of the LP are simultaneously cleaned and subsequently dried. Driven by two high-performance motors, the gentle fan-drying process promises significantly lower noise and no creation of static. Static electricity build-up has always been the unpleasant after-effect of record cleaning. Now, it’s a thing of the past.

A Quick Note About Cleaning and Care
In order to treat the vinyl as gently as possible, and create the best possible sound, the cleaning fluid, specifically developed for Vinyl Cleaner PRO X, avoids the use of alcohol and instead relies on a mild biodegradable mixture with excellent cleaning properties and outstanding anti-static characteristics. One container of cleaning fluid concentrate (2 are included with the machine) is enough to clean approximately 100-200 LPs (depending on the level of contamination). The wet filter is easy to clean. Just saturate it with distilled water and ring out. The inspection interval for the wet filter is identical to the replacement of the cleaning fluid. The four microfiber-cleaning barrels are extremely robust and therefore only need to be replaced after approximately 500 completed cleaning cycles.



Audio Desk Systeme

Audio Desk Systeme has saved your coveted vinyl collection. LPs have become irreplaceable collector’s items, and careful cleaning of LPs is important to preserve their value. Even when great care is taken, over time the vinyl becomes dirty and can cause scratches. Audio Desk Systeme has developed a professional yet comfortable LP-washing machine, the “Vinyl-Cleaner,” that works fully automatically and is very easy to use. After you clean your LP with the Audio Desk Systeme, you will hear a noticable difference in the sound, even on an old LP. Overture, nationally recognized as the leader in the field of high end audio, home theater and home electronics, is America’s premier analog dealer. We are proud to offer Audio Desk Systeme’s vinyl cleaner. If you are interested in purchasing a Audio Desk Systeme, you can trade-in any component for an Audio Desk Systeme by filling out Overture’s Trade-In Form.
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Additional information

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