Meridian Audio 808v6

CD Player


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808V6 Signature Reference CD Player

Meridian Audio Innovation

Meridian has an indelible role in the history of the CD player, with a proud track record of state-of-the-art, award-winning players. The 808v6 Signature Reference CD Player is the fruit of that legacy, and it continues to push the boundaries of both design and sound performance. Extremely advanced high-end audio technologies have been implemented to drastically reduce digital errors as well as offering an unparalleled array of set-up options and connections. The 808v6 forms the heart of Meridian’s ultimate music system. With improved digital signal processing (DSP) including an enhanced DSP chip that offers lip-sync control and MQA and DSD playback (DoP), the latest linear power supply and a brand new master clock, the 808v6 delivers a world-beating performance.

Key Features

Multiple analogue and digital inputs enable connection to any source within a system.

Unique Meridian High Resolution up-sampling offers the best possible performance from all of your sources.

A reference Sooloos zone delivers pristine lossless audio quality for all your music.

Re-clocking of the digital audio signal removes timing errors for superior clarity and resolution.

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