Avalon Saga

$128,000 • Standard

$140,000 • Premium

Overture premieres the “Epic” Avalon SAGA loudspeaker.

“ It is rare that an audio component that is this good comes along. The SAGA offers us the level of performance we constantly look for, but rarely find.”

Terry Menacker, founder of Overture


We recently received feedback from Kenny Gould, a veteran music industry consultant, whose projects extend to well known artists and to major record labels. Of our Avalon SAGA/Spectral Reference Standard system, he said:

"It's the single greatest music reproduction system I have ever heard. It's not that I felt the musicians were in the room, rather I was transported to the time & place of the recording."

Hear this system exclusively in North America at Overture.

The SAGA combines unsurpassed clarity, resolution, pinpoint focus, perfect octave-to-octave balance, correct tonality, with amazing dimension and dynamics. The most subtle details and ambient clues emerge from a silent background. Perfect time and phase behavior result in a totally accurate soundstage. The SAGA will transport you back to the recorded event. You’ll enter the “realm of the artist”.


The SAGA is an Overture “exclusive” product in North America. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call Terry Menacker @ 1-(800) 838-1812. Ask about our travel reimbursement program.

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