Audio Research REF750 SE

Monaural Amplifier

$66,000.00 (pair)

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Audio Research REFERENCE 750SE
Audio Research REFERENCE 750SE

The all-new Audio Research Reference 750 SE Monaural Amplifier is the result Audio Research’s never ending quest for designing and building the “Ultimate” vacuum tube amplifier. When you hear the REF 750 SE amplifier we’re confident that you’ll agree with us that they have succeeded.

The REF 750 SE amplifier is a technical “tour de force” and is the most advanced vacuum tube amplifier ever created.

With more than 750 wpc the Ref 750 SE amplifier will drive any speaker system with ease. But that is only the beginning of the listening “experience” that the Ref 750 SE amplifier provides. Extraordinary resolution, bass extension and control, smooth and detailed high frequency extension, dimensionality, dynamics, focus, correct timbre and tonality set new standards for vacuum tube amplifiers. The listener is immediately drawn into the recorded event.

Experience the Reference 750 SE amplifier at its best, at Overture.

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