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VPI has developed the World’s First Synthetic Tonearm, created by a 3D Printer!

Have more than one cartridge and a JMW-10 tonearm? Get an extra armtube and enjoy the benefits of multiple cartridges today! Easy to switch, just remove the old armwand and replace with the new one. That simple!

The VPI JMW-10 3DR Tonearm is a one-piece structure, from its head shell to its counterweight stub. The 3D Tonearm is manufactured from an epoxy-plastic that is incredibly lightweight, rigid, self-damped and has an effective mass of 10 grams. The VPI JMW-10 3DR Tonearm features more detail, greater soundstage, low resonance and excellent musicality! Taking more than 24 hours to print, this new 3D design from VPI will make a huge impact on your oversound quality of the VPI Classic Table!

Fits on the VPI Prime & Classic Turntables Only.

“For comparison purposes, VPI CEO, Harry Weisfeld, played the same five records on a VPI Classic 3 turntable using one of its standard metal tonearms paired with an $8,000 cartridge from German manufacturer, Clearaudio… The 3D printed tonearm with the $220 cartridge punched out some of the German’s teeth before ultimately losing on points, but it made us think long and hard about spending more on a phono cartridge if that much performance can be dragged out of something as entry-level as the Grado Gold. The tonearm/table combination certainly made a huge impact on the overall sound quality …the impact of the 3D printed tonearm was profound.” – Ian White, www.digitaltrends.com
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“Weisfeld had Grado Gold cartridges mounted in both a standard JMW and a 3D printer version that allowed for quick and easy swaps and A/B listening. Attendees told me the differences were “profound” and all were in favor of the new tone arm.” – Michael Fremer, www.analogplanet.com
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“Tentatively named the JMW-3D (the suffix refers to the modeling technology used to create its high-tech tooling), VPI’s new one-piece tonearm wand/headshell/bearing housing is molded from epoxy resin, which promises to resist sound-coloring resonances while remaining comparatively immune to the problem of energy storage.” – Art Dudley, www.stereophile.com
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Attention VPI Classic 1-3 Turntable Owners!
Upgrade to the 3D tonearm today! Or… have more than one cartridge and a Classic Turntable? Get an extra armtube and enjoy the benefits of multiple cartridges today! Easy to switch, just remove the old armwand and replace with the new one. That simple!

Special Note: There has been a minor change that has been made with the Prime tone-arm. Going forward, the 3D arm will no-longer have a 3D printed finger lift but instead will include a removable metal finger lift. VPI has performed extensive listening tests and have found there to absolutely be no sonic difference.


  • Pivot to spindle: 258mm
  • Effective length: 273.4mm
  • Effective mass: 9g
  • Overhang: 15.4mm
  • Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
  • Average RMS distortion: 0.311%
  • Nordost Reference wire
  • “Metallic Black” Gloss Finish

VPI JMW-10 3DR Tonearm Armwand Includes:

  • Armwand
  • Counterweight



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Additional information

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