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Optimize the Playback of Mono Vinyl LPs with a Cartridge Devoted to Superb Mono Sound: Hand-Made Hana Mono SL MC Phono Cartridge Based on Its Award-Winning Stereo Counterpart

Back to mono. The Beatles. Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones. The Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, and hundreds of other iconic artists and their LPs are again available in glorious mono. The Japanese-made Hana Mono SL MC phono cartridge functions as a gateway to enjoying these albums as their creators and producers intended. Designed to optimize playback of original and reissued mono LPs, SL Mono is based on the The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice and Product of the Year Award-winning Hana SL stereo MC cartridge – and incorporates the same alnico magnets, Shibata stylus, aluminum cantilever, cross-shaped armature, and high-purity copper wire as its stereo counterpart.

In addition to hearing the unique detail, depth, and imaging only mono provides, you’ll enjoy remarkable transparency, edge-free transients, even-handed linearity, and bottom-end weight that take you into the performances. The levels of soundstaging, coherency, separation, balance, and definition also far exceed that what should be possible at this price point. If you want a no-frills speciality mono cartridge that allows you to sit back, listen, and forget about your surroundings, SL Mono more than suits the bill – it defines it.

“Each Hana SL played records as if it cost not hundreds but thousands of bucks.”
– Herb Reichert, Stereophile

Stylus: Nude Diamond Shibata
Output Level: 0.5mv/1KHz
Output Balance: <1.5db/1KHz
Vertical tracking force: 2g
Trackability: 70µm/2g
Frequency Response: 15-32,000Hz
Impedance: 30Ω/1KHz
Inductance: 40 µH
Suggested Load Impedance: >400Ω
Cartridge weight: 5g
Cartridge Color: black




For over 50 years, Excel Sound Corporation has crafted some of the most distinguished products in the audio industry. The brand’s Hana collection is no exception, with some of the best moving-coil phono cartridges on the market. Built by some of the finest craftsmen in Japan, each stereo cartridge offers stunning quality and performance. The mission of Hana is to design world-class moving-coil phono cartridges to value-seeking music lovers around the world who demand the finest analog reproduction. The Hana EH and EL are the brand’s most popular cartridges, seamlessly combining performance and affordability like no other. Both high output (EH) and low output (EL) models provide a noticeably improved difference in sound compared to stock turntable cartridges. Additionally, the Hana EH and EL were bestowed the well-deserved 2017 Editors’ Choice Award by The Absolute Sound. The Hana MH and ML phono cartridges are the ultimate models in both design and performance. Their unique design enhances tracking to capture the most delicate details with better frequency reproduction, imaging, and resolution. For superb playback quality and the most up-to-date technologies available, the M series is the superior choice. Overture is a proud dealer of Hana products, selling customers the best moving-coil phono cartridges from Hana. Interested in purchasing a new Hana component? You can trade-in any component towards a Hana product by filling out our Trade-In Form.
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