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The motorized MMC 2 is 3-way speaker with a specialized planar midrange, quasi-ribbon tweeter and quasi-ribbon super-tweeter.

The MMC 2 is much more than adding automation to our existing on-wall models. The MMC 2 is a 3-way speaker with a new design concept for a planar midrange, plus a quasi-ribbon tweeter and quasi-ribbon super-tweeter. Sonically, the MMC 2 is related to the venerate Magneplanar MG 3 series.

At the touch of your remote, the MMC 2 automatically moves into a pre-determined position. After listening, the MMC 2 folds away when the system is turned off.




Magnepan has manufactured full-range ribbon and planar stereo speakers for 41 years. Magneplanar home theater and stereo speakers have one common attribute: high resolution. High resolution in home theater speakers creates the same "magic" for home theater as music lovers have experienced from Magneplanar stereo speakers for the past 41 years.
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