The Magneplanar CCR was designed as a companion center channel to the 20.7 and 3.7i.

$3,395.00 Each

Not available online, in-store sale only.

Available in different trim and cloth covers. Please contact us for pricing.

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For many of our “Maggie” customers who are considering adding home theater to their music system, we hear that home theater is not their highest priority. If that describes you, is the CCR the best choice for you as a 3.6 or 20.1 owner? If you think it is not, keep in mind that the center channel speaker “makes or breaks” a home theater system. For those who want the best in home theater performance, the CCR is the logical choice.




Magnepan has manufactured full-range ribbon and planar stereo speakers for 41 years. Magneplanar home theater and stereo speakers have one common attribute: high resolution. High resolution in home theater speakers creates the same "magic" for home theater as music lovers have experienced from Magneplanar stereo speakers for the past 41 years.
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