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New Rotel amps. For some people, those three words will cause them to get out their phone and check their bank accounts…because they are about to spend some serious cash. For others…well it is like when a new muscle car comes out. They can’t wait to see them but they know their marriage wouldn’t survive the purchase. For both audioholic types, sit back and get ready. Rotel has released two new multichannel amplifiers—both aimed squarely at the home theater market. The first, and smaller of the two, is the RMB-1555. This is an update (of sorts) to the RMB-1565 (we know, we’ve never seen a model number go down like this either) currently offered by Rotel. The RMB-1555 has a bump up of 20 watts per channel over the previous model which brings it up to 120 watts into 8 ohms. It features discrete output transistors, heavy-duty speaker terminals, and unbalanced RCA-style inputs.




Since 1961, Rotel has manufactured a full range of high-performance audio/video receivers, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, CD players, tuners and multi-zone electronics for hi-fi and home theater. Much of Rotel's success can be attributed to their fundamental engineering philosophy called Balanced Design Concept, a disciplined synthesis of physics, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Rotel's latest models combine state-of-the-art digital and classic analog circuits to deliver unsurpassed fidelity. As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to offer Rotel's high-performance electronics. If you are interested in purchasing a Rotel component, you can trade-in any electronic component or speaker brand for a Rotel component by filling out Overture’s Trade-In Form.
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