The ultimate 2 channel Stereo Power Amplifier

400 watts X 2 channels

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The Datasat RA2400 Stereo Power Amplifier combines innovative design with advanced circuitry to deliver outstanding audio performance. Ideal for high quality home theatre installations, sound reproduction is refined and pure. Datasat has produced one of the industry’s quietest and most powerful 2 channel stereo amplifiers.

The fully balanced differential design of the RA2400 doubles amplifier speed (slew rate) while reducing noise by 50%. It uses current feedback to increase amplifier speed while dual mono design ensures each channel is completely independent with separate power supplies. This minimises crosstalk, noise and distortion.

The Datasat RA2400 features a unique amplifier design using 940 small storage capacitors situated close to the output transistors for faultless operation. With up to 20 output devices per channel, each channel of the RA2400 has its own specifically designed bridge rectifier for smooth AC to DC conversion.

Any number of Datasat RA2400 amplifiers can be operated without thermal issues –  the amplifiers are maintained at their optimum bias point independent of their temperature. All parts within the amplifier have no thermal limitations. It’s fully integrated power supply for the input stage features 7 independent regulators for continuous operation.

Delivering extended versatility, the Datasat RA2400 produces 400 watts of power rated at 8 ohm loads. For high power performance at low impedance, it is capable of continuous operation at 600 watts rated at 4 ohms.

The RA2400 and RA7300 amplifiers are designed to complement Datasat’s RS20i high-end audio processor providing the ultimate listening experience for luxury home cinema.




Datasat began in 1993 and continued into 2016 as a leader in cinematic audio for every North American film released. Since then, the brand has become a key player in home cinema entertainment, providing some of the best audio achievable. Their audio processors are commercial-grade, giving you every bit of sound that the filmmakers intended. The mission of Datasat is to bring some of the most high-quality and innovative digital surround sound to the home cinema market.

Luxury entertainment demands a powerful processor and amplifier, which can make a huge difference in sound quality. Datasat provides the components needed to make this possible, offering a superior listening experience to users with Datasat’s machines installed. In addition to excellent audio quality, each model has a sleek, elegant design. Specifically, the Datasat RS20i has both extraordinary design and sound quality, making it one of the most prestigious models today. Overture is a proud dealer of Datasat products, selling customers the best processors and multi-channel amplifiers from Datasat. Interested in purchasing a new Datasat component? You can trade-in any component towards a Datasat product by filling out our Trade-In Form.