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The 809 features the same TRACC Audio board and power supply as the 109 FM tuner. Instead of the FM tuner board it uses the Frontier Silicon Venice 8 digital module to provide Internet Radio stations, FM and MY Music playback through your network or the USB input. The 809 has a 5.7 inch color touch screen and remote control. The 809 is also has the Burr-Brown 24/192 up-converting over-sampling balanced DAC built in. For your convenience you have two co-ax and one Tos-link digital input in the back that you can switch from the remote control. The 809 features our full size chassis with matching road case.


  • TRACC audio board from MD109
  • Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil/Gold capacitors in audio stage
  • One inch thick aluminum faceplate
  • 0.093 thick gold plated circuit board
  • Dual Custom toroidal transformer
  • Burr-Brown 24/192 DAC with 3 digital inputs controlled with remote
  • 7 inch color LCD
  • WBT RCA outputs and balanced output
  • 6922 gold pin cryo treated tubes from Electro Harmonix
  • Digital output


  • Silver faceplate
  • Signature upgrade
  • Teflon capacitors
  • Telefunken Black Diamond tubes


Magnum Dynalab

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 30 × 10 in