Classic Series Integrated Amplifier

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 The pinnacle of integrated performance.

It’s been almost 30 years since we designed our first integrated amplifier: time enough to define and refine the technical ingredients essential to high-end performance. Our reference quality SUPERNAIT 2 represents the pinnacle of this accumulated knowledge. It is both the most sophisticated integrated amplifier we’ve ever created and a classic Naim product, shot through with the soul of the original, iconic NAIT.

SUPERNAIT 2 combines an 80W power amplifier with six individually decoupled input sockets and borrows advanced technology from Naim’s flagship preamplifier, the NAC 552. In employing the latest Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) circuits in its power supply, it sits right at the forefront of Naim amplifier technology.


  • 80 W/ch @ 8 Ω, 2 ohm stable – 400VA
  • 6 analog inputs (DIN, RCA)
  • Individually decoupled and hand-wired sockets
  • Powered input for Naim phonostage
  • Unity gain input for AV pre/pro or receiver
  • Class A headphone amp, 1/4” front socket
  • Ceramic Heat sink isolation
  • Single Discrete Regulator (DR) for Preamp Section
  • Bi-amp and subwoofer outputs
  • Can be used as pre-amp or power amp
  • External Power Supply upgradable (SuperCap, Hi Cap)





Naim Audio dates back to the late 1960s when a young racing driver and music lover, Julian Vereker, turned his attention to recording live local performances and ultimately discovered what was to become the globally renowned NAP 250 power amplifier. The Naim Balanced Audio Engineering concept, which has attracted legions of devoted admirers around the world, acknowledges the critical relationship between mechanical and electrical engineering. Overture invites you to experience its collection of Naim Audio integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, and music streaming products. If you are interested in purchasing a Naim Audio component, you can trade-in any electronic component on it by filling out our Trade-In Form.