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TubeTrap: The Original Bass Trap

TubeTrap - IsoThermal Bass Trap

The original corner loaded bass trap, TubeTraps are cylinder shaped for strength and come with a built-in treble range diffuser.  Unlike membrane or resonant bass traps, TubeTraps are extremely fast because they are impedance matched to sound waves.  They easily handle unwanted bass energy buildup from transients as well as from sustained tones, and reduce mode coupling.  They enhance room ambience while improving transient dynamics.   TubeTraps deliver an unforgettably articulate, musical bass line. 

The TubeTrap’s claim to fame is its unrivaled ability to absorb low frequency sound energy.  After its release to the public, it quickly became the de facto standard for acoustic room treatment.  Generally set up in the corners of the room where they act like sonic shock absorbers, TubeTraps eliminate excessive build-up of bass energy in the room while their built-in diffusers minimize flutter echo by horizontally scattering mid-high frequency sounds to provide fine grained lateral ambience.





  • HiFi Listening Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theaters
Hand made in Eugene, Oregon, USA, TubeTraps are designed to give our customers the room acoustics they need. We pride ourselves in providing:
  • A smoother listening experience
  • Bass absorption between 55 Hz and 250 Hz
  • Treble diffusion or absorption 250 hz and above
  • Great for reducing unwanted bass boom in the corners of your room
  • Availability in a variety of sizes, each with their own absorptive properties
  • 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Sturdy hand crafted construction



Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) provides acoustical products for ultra-high-performance, high-fidelity recording and audio rooms, auditoriums, churches, and a multitude of other venues including home listening rooms. Tireless research and experimentation with sound led ACS founder Art Noxon to essentially create the Room Acoustics Industry with the development of a patented sealed cylinder as a device for absorbing excess low-frequency sound energy, and has become an iconic fixture in high-end audio. The cylindrical columns seen frequently in the corners of music venues are referred to as Tube Traps. An ASC Tube Trap is unquestionably one of the most effective acoustical treatments available to the audiophile. No element has as much impact on the performance of an audio system than the room in which it is installed. In an “untreated” room, listeners find themselves raising the volume in an attempt to attain more clarity. A “trapped” room allows one to listen at a lower volume level while gaining in dynamic impact. With the room effectively removed from the equation, the sense of listening in the recorded space is greatly enhanced by eliminating the negative effects of standing sound waves and low-frequency reflections in the room. Simple in design, relatively simple in execution and simply indispensable for improving the acoustics of your listening room, ASC’s Tube Traps, installed by Overture, will have a profound, positive effect on your enjoyment of your fine recordings.