A home theater system requires clean, safe power to operate at its best.

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If you’ve got a sophisticated home theater system, then lightning strikes are not the only electrical threat to your gear — even minor power fluctuations can be wearing on your gear. Components such as flat panel displays and high-performance receivers need safe, clean power to operate efficiently and effectively. The Panamax MAX® 5300-EX safeguards up to 11 components from catastrophic power spikes and surges, and also protects your DSL and satellite phone line connections.

A large, easy-to-read digital voltmeter displays the incoming AC voltage. Panamax’s circuitry detects when this voltage level is too low or too high, automatically disconnecting the power to your gear, then reconnecting it when the voltage returns to safe levels. As a result, your equipment runs smoother and lasts longer.

Plus, the 5300-EX filters out electrical interference that can degrade your system’s performance, including noise generated by radio stations, cell phones, microwave ovens, and other household appliances. The power conditioner’s outlets are divided into three isolated banks, preventing interference between your components. With the MAX 5300-EX, your system will deliver cleaner sound and a better picture.


  • 11 AC outlets:
    • four switched outlets
    • four always-on outlets
    • two high-current outlets
    • one front-panel convenience outlet
  • surge and over- and under-voltage protection
  • filtration circuitry virtually eliminates line noise
  • three isolated outlet banks
  • two sets antenna/cable coaxial connections
  • two sets digital satellite TV in/out coaxial connections
  • one RJ-11/RJ-45 phone line in/out for LAN line
  • one RJ-45 phone line in/out for satellite receiver or DVR
  • optional brackets for rack-mounting
  • digital voltage meter
  • maximum current rating 15 amps
  • rack mounting brackets included
  • 17″W x 4-1/8″H x 14-1/4″D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • $5 million connected-equipment warranty (covers equipment that is damaged by an AC surge while connected to a properly installed Panamax surge protector if protector shows signs of surge damage or is operating outside of design specifications)



For over 40 years, Panamax has protected billions of dollars worth of electronics from spikes, surges, and faulty power conditions. The same engineering that developed their award-winning, patented surge protectors is built into every generation of their cutting-edge models. From Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) to BlueBOLT cloud technology, the brand’s extensive features offer support for electronics like no other. The mission of Panamax is to be #1 in the development and introduction of innovative products & services in the power management category for consumer electronics. Panamax’s surge protectors are some of the best in the business, making them a go-to source for their products. Specifically, the Panamax MAX 5300 PM is an affordable surge protector, designed to protect home theater systems and high-level appliances. However, if you are looking for top-of-the-line protection, the M4315-PRO is the best in the business. With built-in BlueBOLT and exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), it makes for the safest model obtainable whenever there is audio, video, and networking involved. Overture is a proud dealer of Panamax products, selling customers the best surge protectors from Panamax. Interested in purchasing a new Panamax component? You can trade-in any component towards a Panamax product by filling out our Trade-In Form.