Through years of innovation since 1981, American Power Conversion™  Corporation (APC) has become the industry standard in reliable power, data security and physical infrastructure. APC was acquired in 2007 by Schneider Electric, a multinational European corporation known globally for its expertise in energy management and automation. APC entered the residential tech market with PowerShield, a solution for the growing broadband needs of cable and fixed wireless applications in homes and has added hundreds of products to service power needs globally. From the power engineering labs of APC came the S Type Power Conditioner with Battery Backup. Pure sine-wave battery backup, surge protection, isolated noise filtering, and voltage regulation all combine in a single unit to deliver uninterrupted power for high performance AV, home security, and home theater systems. As a premier reseller of APC products, Overture is trained to help you select, install, and service your APC products in your home and/or business environment.

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