Spectral DMA-400 Monaural Reference Standard

Monaural reference amplifier

$15,000.00 each

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The DMA-400 RS is the result of Spectral's uncompromised design philosophy and is now "internationally acclaimed" as the finest audio amplifier ever created. The DMA-400 RS amplifier offers the music enthusiast ultimate resolution, clarity, dimension, dynamics, accuracy and most importantly involvement in the designer musical event.


Keith 0. Johnson, head of Spectral engineering, is widely regarded as both the preeminent audio engineer and recording engineer of our time.


The "Professor" points out that "quick response and instantaneous accuracy to the original music waveforms are the hallmark of well-crafted high-resolution recordings. The same requirements are necessary for reproduction".

The DMA-400 offers the listener unprecedented playback qualities, reproducing the musical event with the same waveform shape as its input signal. It does this with part-per-million accuracy that is totally free of unnatural artifacts. This extreme precision is unique in the world of high-end audio.

The DMA-400 achieves its unmatched clarity and resolution from a combination of breakthrough technologies that are "unequaled" in the world of audio reproduction.

The DMA-400 RS is the most advanced amplifier yet from Spectral Audio. We invite you to hear for yourself why we are so excited to be able to offer our clients the remarkable performance of the DMA-400 RS monaural amplifiers.

We would like to congratulate Spectral Audio for bringing us the world's finest "uncompromised" audio components. With the DMA-400RS we enter a new era of musical playback and enjoyment. Please call Overture's founder, Terry Menacker, to learn more about the remarkable DMA-400RS amplifier.


DMA-400 Monaural Power Amplifier
Power Output
@ 8 ohms - 350 Watts RMS
Output Current: 90 Amps peak
Frequency Response: +/- 0.1 dB, DC - 150 KHz
+/- 1 dB, DC - 1 MHz
+/- 3 dB, DC - 1.8 MHz
Static: less than 0.015% from DC to 100 KHz, typically 0.009% @ 350 WRMS/8 ohms
Dynamic: 8 Tone Cluster Test 20 KHz @ 500 Hz separation
Risetime: less than 225nanoseconds
Settling: 1.5 microseconds to -40 dB
Slew Rate: 650 volts/microsecond
Signal to Noise: 98 dB unweighted,108 dB ASA A
Impedance: 10k ohms
Sensitivity: 1.5 volts / nominal output
Power Supply:
Line Voltage: 120 volts (USA standard)
AC Voltage Range: +-10%
Maximum Consumption: 2000 Watts
Quiescent Consumption: 115 Watts
Operating Temperature: 0 deg. to +50 deg. Celsius range,
32 deg. to +122 deg. Fahrenheit
Protection Features:
DC Protection Servo: 0.5 volt range
Current Limit Onset: 90 Amps
Thermal Threshold: Protects at 85 deg. Celsius,
185 deg. Fahrenheit
AC Main Fuses: 120v 5A/3AG slo-blo
Size and Weight:
Dimensions: 20" (50.8 cm) W,
7.23" (18.4 cm) H,
19.6" (49.9 cm) D,
Weight: 72 lbs, 34kg Net (each chassis)

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